You have the power to give wings to their dreams

While a revolution to change the world may seem far reaching; sometimes, all it takes is a spark to set the world ablaze.

We have all been privileged to be part of great educational institutions. However, many sections of the society haven’t been so fortunate to receive this quality of education. Children from the poorer sections are forced to study in schools which lack basic amenities. The inadequacy of resources in these schools is a collective let-down of the society and needs to be corrected.

When we first entered the hallowed portals of IIMB, our aspirations were numerous. The glorious piece of document, the SoP for our admission interviews is a testimony to vibrancy of our ambitions. Some of us wanted to be entrepreneurs while some others wanted to do their bit for the society. However, down the line we seem to have lost touch with that yearning to reach out to humanity. Majority of every batch that graduates from the college inevitably ends up in an MNC. Very few of us have taken the courageous path to social sector.

If you are thinking, if only there was a chance for you to give shape to your desire to contribute to society and bury those regrets of not doing enough to the society, then read on.

Student Alumni Committee and Social Impact Club - Vikasana brings to you, Project Unnati, a first time initiative from the IIMB community which provides a platform for alumni to contribute to social causes. It seeks to unite our proud alumni in giving back to the society.

Project Unnati wishes to fulfil the basic infrastructure necessities of government schools through donations. After a meticulous survey of schools near the campus, we have identified three projects which are in need of a helping hand from the alumni. We have documented the infrastructure requirements of these schools after in depth discussion with teachers and other important stakeholders. Requirements range from ensuring adequate sanitary facilities, drinking water filters and school furniture to setting up a library. We have partnered with Teach For India to benefit from the rich experience they have acquired in this sector since the past ten years and to maximize our reach.

We seek to raise funds from the three youngest and the enthusiastic batches of our IIMB alumni network – PGP’14, PGP’15, and PGP’16 to improve these schools. The three batches have a unique opportunity of making a social impact and nurturing a bond with the three schools. Other alumni who are interested in being a part of this initiative are also welcome to contribute to the cause. All contributions made to Project Unnati will reach the beneficiary schools through our technology partner, LetsEndorse.

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