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    IIM Bangalore
    Sumit Mullick, PGPPM 2002-'04 batch, appointed as Maharashtra's new Chief Secretary.
    Sumit Mullick
    Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday appointed senior IAS officer Sumit Mullick as the Chief Secretary of Maharashtra to succeed Swadheen Kshatriya whose extended tenure ended on the same day. Mullick was the Additional Chief
    IIM Bangalore
    Dr M G Thamizh Valavan- PGPPM 2015, awarded the Presidential Award of Appreciation
    Thamizh MG Valavan
    PGPPM 2015
    Dr M G Thamizh Valavan, has been awarded the Presidential Award of Appreciation on the occasion of Republic Day 2017. He belongs to the PGPPM batch of 2013 -2015 from IIMB. Graduated (B.V.Sc) from Madras Veterinary College in 1989 and he did
    IIM Bangalore
    Sangeeta Devni is selected for International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)
    Sangeeta Devni
    MPWE 2009
    Deputy Manager, NASSCOM
    Sangeeta Devni is selected as one of the participants for the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on “Managing Start-up Incubators for Growth” which will take place in the United States from November 26 –
    IIM Bangalore
    Distinguished Alumni Awardee 2016
    Haragopal Mangipudi
    PGSEM 2001
    CEO & MD, finUNO
    Haragopal (aka Hara) is currently CEO & MD of finUNO. He founded a twin-engine startup in US & India simultaneously and Co-created world’s first multi-modal Intelligent Financial Assistant which was launched at the Global
    IIM Bangalore
    Distinguished Alumni Awardee 2016
    Ramesh Srinivasan
    PGP 1984
    CEO, Ooyala Inc.
    Ramesh Srinivasan is currently CEO of Ooyala Inc. and oversees all aspects of Ooyala's strategy and operations.

    Ramesh is a veteran leader and innovator, with a passion for technology and a strong track record in scaling public
    IIM Bangalore
    A Green Warrior
    Jyotsna Sitling
    PGPPM 11
    An entire mountain region would have been left to deteriorate into a plastic garbage dump. A National Park would have been shamefully left to a degenerate, unable to gain the recognition worth its value. A hill range would have lost an
    IIM Bangalore
    Our Very Own Ten Pin Champion
    Swapna Mitra
    PGP '99
    There is something about Swapna Mitra PGP '99. A creation in contradiction. You will find her working her way through her career as all of us would, and going through all the nuances of the working life. But place her in front of ten
    IIM Bangalore
    Life Defined By Choice
    Aparna Viswanathan
    Management Program for Women Entrepreneurs 2010
    Director, RACE
    Born and brought up in a beautiful and one of the remotest villages in Kerala, India, I grew up dreaming of becoming different things at different stages in life, until the time came to make my choice and I made mine. I decided I wanted to
    IIM Bangalore
    An Officer And A Catalyst
    Ravindran DS
    PGPPM 07
    D.S.Ravindran PGPPM 07 is a civil servant alright. Articulate, polite but firm and very learned. But in babudom, he is the exception and not the norm. This 1986 civil servant from the Indian Forest Service (IFS), from Karnataka Cadre carries
    IIM Bangalore
    Sanjeeb Kumar Patjoshi
    PGPPM '07
    civil servant, Dairying, Road Transport and Cinema Development
    Zealously pursuing academics and then implementing the same to infuse life in loss making organizations and making government agencies more transparent is what maketh a civil servant. Sanjeeb Kumar Patjoshi PGPPM '07 clearly fits the
    IIM Bangalore
    The King Of Swing Times
    Randhir Mishra
    FPM '01
    Randhir Mishra FPM 01, who could be the unheralded 'king of Swing times' from IIMB, has an interesting distinction to his name. He is one of the longest tenured students at the campus - Joining in 1993, Randhir left the campus only
    IIM Bangalore
    Srinagesh Talatam
    PGP '87
    CEO, Pragnya Advisors Ltd.
    It certainly is a rare achievement to be at the spearhead of one of the most prestigious projects of the country. Srinagesh Talatam PGP ’87 was right at the top as the CEO of the GMR Hyderabad International Airport, the first private
    IIM Bangalore
    Dr. Ravindra Singh Bangari
    PGP '96 FPM '05
    Indian Army, EduMetry
    He has been in the jungles of Sri Lanka, deputed on behalf of the Indian Peace Keeping Force. He lead a typical James Bond style operation to rescue a businessman’s little son from his kidnappers in Manipur. He has flown and sky-dived
    IIM Bangalore
    The Change Leader
    Praveen Sood
    PGPPM '05
    A beautiful city with a calm and serene lifestyle suddenly outgrew itself to become the software hotspot of the world. Bangalore saw tremendous development and over the years its traffic concerns aggravated beyond endurance. It is in the
    IIM Bangalore
    Standing Tall
    Shobha Moni
    PGP ‘85
    Co-founder, Triad Software Services
    For nearly twenty-five years, Shobha Moni, PGP ‘85 has been embedded in the world of information technology, and certainly ranks as one of India’s woman pioneers in the IT space. From the days of COBOL programming to the latest
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